If you have ended up upon this page, the chances are that either you or a closed one is suffering from this rather horrifying problem. After all, blood on the pot can bother even the most lion-hearted, especially when you cannot even see the source of bleeding. So while a bright morning can be the end of a bad dream you saw last night, this little demon called Piles makes every morning a nightmare! But like most of the demons, this one too just seems huge, until you decide to face it head on.

That is what we help you do, free yourself from your morning woes, because we understand that every problem you have, must be dealt right from the BOTTOM!

Healing Hands Clinic

is India’s leading Proctology (the branch of medicine dealing with the rectum and anus, in short – your bottom) clinic, a state-of-the-art center equipped with the most advanced treatment techniques in this field. The clinic was founded by

Dr Ashwin Porwal,a pioneer in Proctology

who has introduced various new modalities of treatment for those suffering from

ano-rectal disorders.

Dr Porwal is among the country’s few surgeons who have specialized and dedicated their practice exclusively to this field. He has treated thousands of patients suffering from piles, an experience that has enabled him to present research papers in various international conferences. Dr Porwal has mastered the techniques in Proctology from Dr Antonio Longo, Italy, considered the ‘Father of Proctology’, a learning experience that saw him grow from a student to now a close associate of Dr. Longo.

Dr. Porwal believes in holistic treatment and a patient who walks in can be assured that a surgical treatment would be advised only as the last resort or when it is imperative. Piles can be a lifestyles disorder and most of the times a change in your eating and living habits can reverse the symptoms.

So if you are silently suffering from

Piles ( Mulvyadh ),

it is time to put your trust into Healing Hands Clinic, a place where medical ethics and patient satisfaction are the two pillars on which rests our

motto ‘Curing with Care’.